OEM Authorized Factory Service Provider

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Ozark Electronics Repair is a reverse logistics leader as a provider of OEM authorized factory service to manufacturers,
distributors, and retailers. We offer cost-effective refurbishment and remanufacturing services, with quality being our primary focus.


We are fully capable of remanufacturing and refurbishing a wide variety of products. Our facilities offer a very flexible means of
production, which in turn reflects a cost reduction to your company. Our facilities are staffed with experienced technician and support
personnel, trained in the latest technologies. Custom inventory and billing programs developed inhouse maintain 100% inventory and
acquire critical data on each item.

Let Ozark Electronics Repair, Inc. apply our knowledge of returns channel cost reduction and labor-saving methods
to put your product into production.

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Key Services

* OEM approved remanufacturing and refurbishing center
* Retailer approved remanufacturing and refurbishing center
* Warehousing and freight management services
* Software and firmware updates
* Parts and component harvesting
* Secure data wipe for storage devices, including solid state drives and disk platter hard drives
* Root cause analysis
* Clean room facility

Key Benefits

* All products will be refurbished to manufacturer specifications
* Only authorized replacement parts/components are utilized
* Customizable reporting solutions; inventory, disposition, grade, yield, symptom and repair reports available 24/7
* Cost-effective Handling
* Direct Distribution
* Turn-Key Manufacturing
* Rapid turnaround time
* Quality Control
* Today's latest Assembly and Packaging methods