Press Releases

Ozark Electronics Newly Available Production Capacity

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR. Feb 25, 2019

Ozark Electronics Repair is proud to announce that we have newly available production capacity and are actively seeking opportunities to provide product refurbishment, returns management, and reverse logistic solutions for your consumer products.

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Ozark Electronics Recognized for Environmental Sustainability.

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR. May 22, 2014

Ozark Electronics has been recognized for partnering in Call2Recycle’s recycling program.

To date, in partnership with Call2Recycle, Ozark Electronics has recycled over 106,000 pounds of nickel cadmium, lithium ion, and lead acid batteries.

Call2Recycle has been pleased with Ozark's efforts - "Our continued success could not have been achieved without you. Ozark Electronics Repair, Inc. is setting a powerful example for environmental sustainability by helping divert hazardous materials away from local landfills." ~Carl E. Smith, CEO & President at Call2Recycle, Inc.

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Ozark Electronics wraps up Third Successful Blood Drive in 2013.

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR. November 20, 2013

This month, Ozark Electronics concluded their third successful blood drive this year, with nearly 10% of employees participating.

To date, employees at the company have donated 33 units of blood to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. Donations made to CBCO serve 38 area hospitals in Missouri and Arkansas.

CBCO has been impressed with Ozark’s donation record - "What an outstanding donor response -- congratulations! I know that recruiting enough blood donors can be difficult and we want you to know how much we appreciate results like this." ~Nickie Smith, Collection Supervisor at CBCO.

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