Ozark Electronics is committed to customer satisfaction. How do we achieve our high standard of excellence?

Ozark Quality Management Philosophy

Vision: to be the world-class leader in return management services by fulfilling our promise to our customers and by developing new innovations to improve our people, our services, and our community

Promise: to deliver the right Quality Services on time, every time
Quality Service:
1. Cheerful and courteous correspondence with customers regarding requests, inquiries, reports, and visits
2. Accurate inventories of our customers' products and materials
3. Accurate reporting of information as required by customers
4. Handling and repairing products to customer specifications and requirements

Values: Safety, Quality, and Production
1. Safety: The health and safety of our personnel and our consumers are the most important company values. We strive for a safe and well-ordered working environment, effective communications, relevant education, and respectful service of the highest integrity
2. Quality: Consistently meeting or exceeding customers' expectations for product quality and performance
3. Production: Allocating correct resources for maximum customer service and efficiency

Strategy: innovation and orchestration of management systems that support our values, fulfill our promise, and achieve our vision.

Management: There is a process or system to get any result; we focus on developing new processes and systems to achieve both personal and business results.

Self Management:
* Business Managements starts with Self Management
* If you can't manage yourself, you can't manage
* Planning is based on achieving and improving on customer requirements
* Performance is the achievement of planned results
* Responsibility begins when you take complete ownership of the results you have been assigned to achieve

Business Management:
* Managers manage processes or systems
* Leaders have a vision of a perfect process or system and work hard to turn their vision into reality
* Management planning and decision making always begins with the customer as the central focus of attention and discussion
* Customers always pay excellent rewards for excellent performance, excellent products, and excellent service.

Ozark Electronics Repair's Quality Management System is registered by NSF-ISR to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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